Sentence Examples

  • Within these bays are beaches of white sand, called praias, such as the Praia da Icarahy, Praia das Flechas and Praia Grande, upon which face low tile-covered residences surrounded with gardens.
  • The city consists of a number of these partially separated districts - Praia Grande, Sao Domingos, Icarahy, Jurujuba, Santa Rosa, Sao Lourenco, Ponta d'Areia and Barreto - all together covering 8 or 9 m.
  • An electric street railway connects all the outlying districts with the ferry stations of Praia Grande and Sao Domingos.
  • The first settlement on the east side of the Bay of Rio de Janeiro dates from 1671, when a chapel was erected at Praia Grande, in the vicinity of an Indian village.
  • The settlement did not become a village until 1819, when it was named Villa Real da Praia Grande.