Sentence Examples

  • Computer Generated: Computer generated (CGI) videos aren't actual coaster footage, but with highly detailed 3D imaging and electronic models, computer POV videos can often be just as realistic as the most carefully filmed live shots.
  • Roller coaster POV videos are a great way to experience a popular ride without even being at the park, and these exciting videos can offer a fun ride to many people who may not be able to enjoy the ride in person.
  • Simulation Videos: These videos may appear to have the same perspective as a genuine POV clip, but in reality they are computer generated images rather than actual live videos.
  • Point of View Videos: Roller coaster POV videos put the viewer on the ride and offer an intimate glimpse of what riding the coaster is actually like.
  • For the best view of a ride, interested coaster enthusiasts should watch a range of different POV videos to get a true feel for the experience.