Sentence Examples

  • Because food is one of the most expensive aspects of a party, many hosts opt for a potluck approach and have guests bring a side dish or dessert.
  • A brunch is a natural choice for a potluck, so it can also put less pressure on the host or hostess and free up the end of the day for guests to do other activities and enjoy the early spring weather.
  • The following recipes, tips and suggestions will help you create a luscious meatless lasagna to enjoy at dinner or bring to your next vegetarian potluck supper.
  • Gathering together for sporting events, potluck game nights, dancing, and even just to hang out together and play board games can energize a youth group.
  • While you fret about a potluck dish and gift exchange choices, she is looking forward to dressing up and getting into the holiday spirit.

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