Sentence Examples

  • We now find him making extracts from the English newspapers on the Poor-Law Bill of 1796; criticising the Prussian land laws, promulgated about the same time; and writing a commentary on Sir James Steuart's Inquiry into the Principles of Political Economy.
  • This district may of itself constitute a poor law union; but in the great majority of cases the unions, or areas under the jurisdiction of boards of guardians according to the Poor-Law Amendment Act of 1834, are made up of aggregated poor-law parishes.
  • From the Poor Law Act of 160r till the act of 1834 by which poor-law administration was transferred to guardians, the beadle in England was an officer of much importance in his capacity of agent for the overseers.
  • They must give notice of any infectious disease to the medical officer of health and to the poor-law relieving officer, and they must give free access for inspection.
  • In Great Britain nearly all the general and special hospitals and many of the poor-law infirmaries offer systematic professional training to nurses.