Sentence Examples

  • While not all of the patterns on Planet Shoup's easy and cheap page are strictly for beginners, there are a lot of patterns here to keep you interested and some things (like the poncho) that you can aspire to after a little practice.
  • Qui-Gon had been on Tatooine for three days, in the scorching heat, with two blazing suns, with a thick poncho over his already thick long sleeved Jedi outfit, and had quite an ordeal on the planet with the podrace and all.
  • Whether you plan to use your plus size poncho for extra warmth on cool days, as a wrap for an evening ensemble, or to complement your favorite jeans, you will find it to be a functional yet fashionable wardrobe piece.
  • While you may think that buying in season is the best time to get one of these ponchos, consider this: when you buy an item like a poncho off-season, you are getting a tremendous discount off the retail price.
  • If you prefer a more understated and extremely inexpensive look, consider pairing a colorful poncho with a pair of faded jeans and topping off the costume with a large sombrero.