Sentence Examples

  • While some schools have created separate squads; a cheer squad that tumbles and cheers and a pom squad that dances, it's probably the lack of "sports status" that prompted the beginning of dancing and cheering.
  • Some costumes include colorful vests and bowties, some have whimsical pom poms on the tummy of the costume, and others feature accessories such as Easter baskets, Easter eggs, oversized carrots, hats, and more.
  • Stylish faux fur pom pom boots can add a feminine and whimsical touch to your winter wardrobe staples, guaranteeing you'll look every bit as stylish as you dare to be, with or without a visit from Jack Frost.
  • It can be a good idea to have some "standard" things in the cheerleading bags, so that in the heat of performance it's easy to find a piece of equipment such as a spare set of cheerleading pom poms or a band-aid.
  • Once you have mastered the basic techniques, Adina will show you how to make really great looking ribbon yarn sleeves to wear with your favorite tee shirts and how to make and use pom poms and bobbles.