Sentence Examples

  • It is a liquid which boils at 93° C. and with caustic alkalis polymerizes to diacetyldicyanide.
  • Heated above its melting point it polymerizes to di-cyandiamide (CN2H2)2, which at 150° C. is transformed into the polymer n-tri-cyantriamide or melamine (CN 2 H 2) 3, the mass solidifying.
  • It polymerizes to a tetrose under the action of sodium hydroxide.
  • It polymerizes, giving isodibutylene, C 8 H 16, and isotributylene, C12H24, liquids which boil at 110-113° and 178-181° C. Amylene, C5H10, exists in five isomeric forms, viz.
  • At ordinary temperatures it rapidly polymerizes (probably to a tetramethylcylobutanedione).