Sentence Examples

  • The difference in form and content suggests that the Polygonal Numbers was not part of the larger work.
  • This may be rectangular in shape (" straight " shed), containing a series of parallel tracks on which the engines stand and which are reached by means of points and crossings diverging from a main track outside; or it may take a polygonal or circular form (round house or rotunda), the lines for the engines radiating from a turn-table which occupies the centre and can be rotated so as to serve any of the radiating lines.
  • They contain, however, a fragment of a separate tract on Polygonal Numbers.
  • An air-tube consists of an epithelium of large polygonal cells with a thin basement-membrane externally and y a chitinous layer internally, the lastnamed being continuous with the outer cuticle.
  • The chitinous layer is usually strengthened by thread like thickenings which, in the region close to the outer opening of the tube, form a network enclosing polygonal areas, but which, through most of the tracheal system, are arranged spirally, the strengthening thread not forming a continuous spiral, but being interrupted after a few turns around the tube.