Sentence Examples

  • The Upper House agreed, but expressed its misgivings as to such a polyglot report of proceedings.
  • Having in 1487 joined the Dominican order, he gave himself with great energy to the study of Greek, Hebrew, Chaldee and Arabic, and in 1514 began the preparation of a polyglot edition of the Bible.
  • Of his projected polyglot only the Psalter was published (Psalterium Hebraeum, Graecum, Arabicum, et, Chaldaicum, Genoa, 1616).
  • Called to Paris in 1640 to assist Le Jay in the preparation of his polyglot Bible, he contributed to that work the Arabic and Latin versions of the book of Ruth and the Arabic version of the third book of Maccabees.
  • He helped Brian Walton with the Polyglot Bible and wrote a book on logic, Summa logicae (London, 1685).