Sentence Examples

  • You can gather materials you need from outside, like pine cones, holly, twigs, and more, or you can build a wreath with other materials, like silver and gold bells, poinsettia flowers or even candy.
  • You could probably get away with mixing "Cinnamon Bear" and "Poinsettia Pine" for a more lively holiday fragrance, but it's probably a bit of a stretch to imagine "Bubblegum" blending well with "Pima Cotton" as the two themes conflict.
  • Beading in snowflake or geometric starburst patterns is especially suitable, or custom beading in a poinsettia shape can be arranged for a personalized Christmas gown.
  • Whether you are folding a paper poinsettia or you want to make simple tissue paper origami flowers, having direction is imperative for folding the figure correctly.
  • Look for berries, pinecones, holly leaves, poinsettia plants, magnolia leaves, and any other plant or flower that would be appropriate.