Sentence Examples

  • Everything, therefore, portended a change in this sphere, but few persons expected a change so drastic as that which Bonaparte now brought about in the measure of 28 Pluviose, year VIII.
  • Becoming law on 18 Pluviose, year IX.
  • The prefects of the department were created by a law of the 28th Pluviose in the year VIII.
  • In the year VIII., in the discussion of the law of the 28th Pluviose, no reason was stated for the choice of this term.
  • The winter months were Nivose, the snowy, Pluviose, the rainy, and Ventose, the windy month; then followed the spring months, Germinal, the month of buds, Floreal, the month of flowers, and Prairial, the month of meadows; and lastly the summer months, Messidor, the month of reaping, Thermidor, the month of heat, and Fructidor, the month of fruit.