Sentence Examples

  • The plinth is a polygon of twenty sides.
  • Round; about it was a stone plinth, and it was approached by a kind of stone alley.
  • - Temple Chamber, with richly carved wall facing and hieroglyph groups beneath the plinth.
  • By the end of August 1885, when a political crisis had supervened between Great Britain and Russia, under the orders of the Amir the Mosalla was destroyed; but four minars standing at the corners of the wide plinth still remain to attest to the glorious proportions of the ancient structure, and to exhibit samples of that decorative tilework, which for intricate beauty of design and exquisite taste in the blending of colour still appeals to the memory as unique.
  • The "Regency portable fountain," patented in 1825 by Charles Plinth, was the prototype of the modern siphon, from which it differed in having a stopcock in place of a spring valve.