Sentence Examples

  • They are very thin-walled membranes, very poor in blood-vessels, formed by the bulged-out pleural or peritoneal covering of the lungs, through the parabronchial tubes of which they are filled with air.
  • Pig, Pleural ganglion.
  • In some cases each pleural ganglion is connected with the opposite branch of the visceral commissure by anastomosis with the pallial nerve, a condition which is called dialyneury; or there may be a direct connective from the pleural ganglion to the visceral ganglion of the opposite side, which is called zygoneury.
  • The connexion with the pericardium of pl, Pleural ganglion.
  • O, o, Right and left olfactory, The cerebro-pleural conganglia and osphradia re nective.