Sentence Examples

  • Chest pain (pleuritis): Pleuritis, also called pleurisy, occurs in up to half of the affected individuals in certain ethnic groups.
  • Other physical healing properties include pleurisy of the blood, heart disease, and lung infections.
  • Tall, with a well-rounded, powerful figure; he inherited an excellent constitution from his parents - " I never knew," says he, " either my father or mother to have any sickness but that of which they dy'd, he at 89, and she at 85 years of age " - but injured it somewhat by excesses; in early life he had severe attacks of pleurisy, from one of which, in 1727, it was not expected that he would recover, and in his later years he was the victim of stone and gout.
  • A few of the medicinal plants are ginseng, pleurisy root, snake root, blood root, blue flag and marshmallow.
  • Blue flag, snake root, ginseng, lobelia, tansy, wormwood, wintergreen, pleurisy root, plantain, burdock, sarsaparilla and horehound are among its medicinal plants.