Sentence Examples

  • The supposed allusions to the Pleiade date from a time when Ronsard was a small boy, and are mainly borrowed from an earlier writer still, Geoffroy Tory.
  • Du Bellay is Ouvres francaises (2 vols., 1866-1867), edited with introduction and notes by C. Marty-Laveaux in his Pleiade francaise.
  • Wyndham, Ronsard and La Pleiade (1906); H.
  • There too he probably met Jacques Peletier du Mans, who had published a translation of the Ars poetica of Horace, with a preface in which much of the programme advocated later by the Pleiade is to be found in outline.
  • This book was the expression of the literary principles of the Pleiade as a whole, but although Ronsard was the chosen leader, its redaction was entrusted to du Bellay.