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  • From the 11th Paris was placarded with posters headed Analyse de la doctrine do Babceuf (sic), tribun du peuple, of which the opening sentence ran: "Nature has given to every man the right to the enjoyment of an equal share in all property," and which ended with a call to restore the constitution of 1793.
  • Prominent among the " nine hundred theses " which Mirandola had placarded in Rome, and which he undertook to defend in the presence of all European scholars, whom he invited to the Eternal City, promising to defray their travelling expenses, was the following: " No science yields greater proof of the divinity of Christ than magic and the Kabbalah."
  • While thus employed he conceived the idea of the journal-afiche, and after the arrest of the king at Varennes in June 1791 he placarded a large printed sheet on all the walls of Paris twice a week, under the title of the Ami des Citoyens, journal fraternel.
  • Bothwell and others, his satellites or the queen's, were instantly placarded by name as the criminals.
  • With regard to commerce and to provisioning the army, the following was placarded everywhere:

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