Sentence Examples

  • He was sentenced to an hour in the pillory, which was remitted, and to fine and imprisonment, which were enforced.
  • The church of St Helen is a fine Perpendicular building, restored and enlarged (1880); it contains monuments of the Huntingdon family, and an old finger-pillory for the punishment of misbehaviour in church.
  • An inquisition held in 1383 discloses two markets, a merchant gild, pillory and tumbrel.
  • On Ascension Day 1528 he committed an outrage on the sacrament carried in procession; he was placed in the pillory, had his tongue bored, and was banished from Delft for three years.
  • Prynne supported a national church controlled by the state, and issued a series of tracts against independency, including in his attacks Henry Burton his former fellow sufferer in the pillory, John Lilburne and John Goodwin [e.g.