Sentence Examples

  • The movie had a very nice homage to "Alien" in a scene with Phyllis Diller.
  • Cassie’s death created ripples in the series that played out over several years including the decimation of her parents marriage, her father’s affair with Phyllis and later when her younger brother Noah began acting out.
  • Phyllis Tortora Author of Understanding Textiles, The Fairchild Encyclopedia of Fashion Accessories, and The Fairchild's Dictionary of Textiles Ancient World: History of Dress Europe and America, History of Dress (400-1900 C.E.
  • When Phyllis walked away from her career as a journalist to create fun fashions for plus size teens and young women, she decided to call her new business So What If which became the popular website.
  • The compelling saga of Newman versus Abbott continues into another generation with Jack marrying Sharon (Victor's ex-daughter-in-law) and Nicholas' (Victor's son) affair with Jack's former wife Phyllis.