Sentence Examples

  • Wearers of corrective glasses who are looking for a solution to the hassle of finding sunglasses that work with their glasses or paying for a second pair of glasses need look no further than photochromatic or photochromic lenses.
  • Not everyone wants photochromic lenses, a second pair of prescription glasses they can have tinted, or to go without their eyewear in lieu of sunglasses (depending on your prescription, that could be very dangerous anyway!).
  • This remarkable feat is accomplished through photochromic technology, and even better is the fact that these special lenses are compatible with a wide range of prescriptions, including bifocals and trifocal recommendations.
  • Though many photochromic lenses serve as great sun absorption sunglasses (make sure you check the label), the disadvantage is that it may take many minutes for the lenses to adjust to different light conditions.
  • You'll pay $400.00 for these luxury sunglasses and in return you'll get high-quality metal, silicone nose pads and temples (for comfort), and your choice of photochromic, polarized, or mineral glass lenses.