Sentence Examples

  • Potassium phenolate, C 6 H 5 OK, crystallizes in fine needles, is very hygroscopic and oxidizes rapidly on exposure.
  • Other phenolates may be obtained from potassium phenolate by precipitation.
  • Sodium phenolate is heated in a stream of carbon dioxide in an iron retort at a temperature of 180-220° C., when half the phenol distils over and a basic sodium salicylate is left.
  • The acid may also be obtained by passing carbon monoxide over a mixture of sodium phenolate and sodium carbonate at 200°C.: Na2C03+ C 6 H 2 ONa+CO = C 7 H 4 O 2 Na 2 -{- HC02Na;and by heating sodium phenolate with ethyl phenyl carbonate to 200° C.: [[Cghso.
  • It is to be noted in the Kolbe method of synthesis that potassium phenolate may be used in place of the sodium salt, provided that the temperature be kept low (about 150° C.), for at the higher temperature (220° C.) the isomeric para-oxybenzoic acid is produced.