Sentence Examples

  • The plates of De Rossi, Perret, and, indeed, all illustrations of the catacombs, exhibit frequent examples of the same destructive superstition.
  • Marchi, Monumenti delle arti cristiane primitive (Rome, 1844); Raoul Rochette, Tableau des catacombes de Rome (2nd ed., Paris, 1853) Perret, Les Catacombes de Rome (Paris, 1855) - a sumptuous folio work, but not always accurate; Roller, Les Catacombes de Rome (Paris, 1881); V.
  • In other furnaces the ore rests on a series of horizontal plates, and either remains on the same plate throughout the operation (0111vier and Perret furnace), or is passed from plate to plate by hand (Maletra), or by mechanical means (Spence and M`Dougall).
  • Perret, Boffille de Juge, comte de Castres, et la republique de Venise (1891); F.