Sentence Examples

  • Perpetrators will seek you out.
  • Here the perpetrators of the massacre of Glencoe met to share their plunder.
  • The disgrace to his name is indelible that on the 19th of March 1792, when the perpetrators of the massacre of Avignon had been introduced to the Assembly by Collot d'Herbois, Vergniaud spoke indulgently of their crimes and lent the authority of his voice to their amnesty.
  • I, 331 B.C.) and, still more completely, after the assassination of Darius avenged according to the Persian laws, on the perpetrators Alexander regarded hiI~ise1f as the legitimate head of the Persian Empire, and therefore adopted the dress and ceremonial of the Persian kings.
  • The actual perpetrators of the massacres were the local Moslems, aided by Lazis, Kurds and Circassians.