Sentence Examples

  • The vicomte de Spoelberch de Lovenjoul (1836-1907) was well known in France as the author of [[[Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve|Sainte-Beuve]] inconnu (1901), La Genese d'un roman de Balzac (1901), Une Page perdue de H.
  • As early as the pyramid times solid casting by cire perdue was already used for figures: but the copper statues of Pepi and his son seem, by their thinness and the piecing together of the parts, to have been entirely hammered out.
  • By the time of the XIIth Dynasty, and perhaps earlier, cire perdue casting over an ash core became usual.
  • Their exact method is not certainly known, but it appears probable that they were acquainted with the process now called a cire perdue - the same as that employed by the great Italian artists in bronze.
  • The advantage of this process is that the artist's model is not destroyed as in the cire-perdue, and if a "waster" results, a second mould can be taken.