Sentence Examples

  • The men's version is a blend of violet, aldehyde, lime, coriander, green tea, vetiver, white pepper and musk, while the women's version contains frosted citrus, ginger, green tea and peony, among other notes.
  • The rosy peony print fabric used on top and bottom is subtle, but the uniform pattern diffuses the attention on your figure, so problem areas blend in with your best assets.
  • The majority of the shades are universally flattering and wearable, ranging from low-key nude tones (such as Brown Sugar and Patchouli) to vibrant, shimmery shades (such as Quartz and Peony).
  • Whether you opt for a striking orchid or go simple and elegant with a small daisy or peony bloom, flowers add an undeniable touch of class and femininity to every wardrobe.
  • Single Chinese women often wore a single peony either in their hair or pinned to their clothing, believing the peony was a kind of love potion to potential suitors.