Sentence Examples

  • By the action of phosphorus pentachloride, the hydroxyl group is replaced by chlorine.
  • Molybdenum trichloride, MoC1 31 is obtained when the pentachloride is heated to a temperature of about 250° C. in a current of hydrogen.
  • Molybdenum pentachloride, MoC1 5r is obtained when molybdenum is gently heated in dry chlorine (L.
  • Thionyl chloride, SOC1 21 may be obtained by the action of phosphorus pentachloride on sodium sulphite; by the action of sulphur trioxide on sulphur dichloride at 75 -80° C. (Journ.
  • It may also be obtained by distilling chlorsulphonic acid with phosphorus pentachloride: 2S0 2 C1.