Sentence Examples

  • However, if you are serving adults, consider having two or three varieties of tea, for example a classic black tea, a floral tea such as a jasmine or rose variety and a fruity tea such as a lemongrass or orange pekoe.
  • They are now broken apart and sorted by mechanical sifters into the various grades or qualities, which are described as Orange Pekoe, Pekoe, Pekoe Souchong and Souchong, each of which names represents approximately the leaf-bud and the three lower leaves.
  • In addition to these four classes, out of each are sifted all the smaller fragments of leaf broken in the process of manufacture, which are termed Broken Orange Pekoe, &c. These broken grades are frequently objected to by the consumer, under the impression that they are inferior in quality, but in the opinion of experts, the more the leaf is broken up, the better is the liquor upon infusion.