Sentence Examples

  • The most destructive is Botrytis cinerea which forms orangebrown or buff specks on the stems, pedicels, leaves and flower-buds, which increase in size and become covered with a delicate grey mould, completely destroying or disfiguring the parts attacked.
  • A Spikelets upon distinct pedicels and arranged in panicles or racemes.
  • 8, is elongated, and gives off pedicels, ending in single flowers, a raceme is produced, as in currant, hyacinth and barberry.
  • If there are numerous flowers on a flattened, convex or slightly concave receptacle, having either very short pedicels or none, a a (From Strasburger's Lehrbuch der Botanik, by permission of Gustav Fischer.) FIG.
  • There is good evidence that many of the seeds belonged to Cordaitales, especially those seeds which had a flattened form, such as Cardiocarpus, Cycadinocarpus, Samaropsis, &c. Seeds of this kind have been found in connexion with the Cordaianthus inflorescences; the winged seeds'of Samaropsis, borne on long pedicels, are attributed by Grand' Eury to the genus Dorycordaites.