Sentence Examples

  • Pearce) was issued, as to the identity of the two great divisions of dogs, an incident at Altrincham Show in September 'goo - an exhibitor entering a Russian wolfhound in both the sporting and non-sporting competitions - made it necessary for authoritative information to be given as to how the breeds should be separated.
  • William Herbert, Antiquities of the Inns of Court and Chancery (1804); Robert P. Pearce, History (1848).
  • Fuller also published an admirable Memoir of the Rev. Samuel Pearce, of Birmingham, and a volume of Expository besides a considerable number of smaller pieces, chiefly sermons and pamphlets, which were issued in a collected form after his death.
  • A statue of Sir William Pearce (1833-1888), another well-known Govan shipbuilder, once M.P. for the burgh, stands at Govan Cross.