Sentence Examples

  • Another reason plus size women despise having a pear-shaped body is because they know that the majority of their fat is deposited in the hips and bottom -- two areas of the body that they want to show off, but not that much!
  • Use wide belts or scarves to cinch the waist tightly for hourglass figures, but opt for skinny belts or summer-inspired printed scarves to accent the waistline of pear-shaped bodies.
  • They are available in styles to fit every frame, so whether you are short, tall, apple- or pear-shaped, with careful selection you can find a maxi dress to complement your figure.
  • So you may not want to accept the pear-shaped body you have been given, but there are ways of dressing so you can camouflage your imperfections while highlighting your assets.
  • Just keep in mind that although a halter looks great on nearly all shapes, it is not as flattering to women with pear-shaped figures, where it may accentuate a larger bottom.