Sentence Examples

  • China, Parian and Bisque Greman Dolls:Ca. 1840-Ca. 1900 by Lydia Ritcher contains valuable information and many unusual and beautiful photographs of these exquisite antiques.
  • The German manufacturers realized they could get a higher degree of detail working with parian then with glazed porcelain.
  • In 1900 the French school at Athens recovered more fragments of sculpture, including a head of Heracles and the torso and possibly the head of Atalanta, these last two of Parian marble.
  • In a war which the Parian colonists waged with the Saians, a Thracian tribe, the poet Archilochus threw away his shield.
  • Parian marble, which is white and semi-transparent, with a coarse grain and a very beautiful texture, was the chief source of wealth to the island.

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