Sentence Examples

  • Ile-de-France is home to both French Disneyland park as well as three smaller amusement parks, and Picardie is the location of both Parc Asterix and Parc Saint Paul, two of France's largest amusement parks.
  • Parc, an enclosed field - Parc-y-Marw, Penparc.
  • About a mile and a half north of the centre of the European quarter, on the slopes of a hill rising 270 ft., is the Parc du Belvedere covering some 240 acres and commanding extensive views.
  • Marin Le Roy, Sieur Du Parc Et De Gomberville >>
  • Founded the famous "Menagerie du Parc" at Versailles, which received many animals from Cairo, was maintained for over a century, and furnished much valuable material to French naturalists and anatomists.