Sentence Examples

  • Fechner, to whose doctrine of panpsychism he gave great prominence by his Einleitung in die Philosophic (1892; 7th ed., igloo; Eng.
  • It is true, also, that on its idealistic side the philosophy of Leibnitz is the source of many current views of panpsychism, of psychophysical parallelism as well as of the.
  • Fechner's panpsychism has a certain affinity both to Stahl's animism and to the hylozoism of materialists such as Haeckel.
  • But his substitute was his own hypothesis of panpsychism, from which he deduced a "cosmorganic " evolution from a " cosmorganic " or original condition of the world as a living organism into the inorganic, by the principle of tendency to stability.
  • Paulsen q.v.), who spread panpsychism far and wide in his Einleitung in die Philosophie.