Sentence Examples

  • PANDORA (the "All-giving") in Greek mythology, according to Hesiod (Theog.
  • In 1872 appeared Three Books of Song, containing translated as well as original pieces, in 1873 Aftermath and in 1875 The Mask of Pandora, and other Poems. Among these "other poems" were "The Hanging of the Crane," "Morituri Salutamus" and "A Book of Sonnets."
  • About the time when he was writing The Mask of Pandora, he could see "in the sunset Jason's fleece of gold," and hear "the waves of the distracted sea piteously calling and lamenting" his lost friend.
  • The " Pandora," under Captain Edwards, was sent out in search of the " Bounty," and discovered the islands of Cherry and Mitre, east of the Santa Cruz group, but she was eventually lost on a reef in Torres Strait.
  • The Mask of Pandora is a proof of that growing appreciation of pagan naturalism which marked the poet's later years.