Sentence Examples

  • The medal is the highest honour bestowed by the society: it was originally made of palladium, but is now made of gold.
  • Keiser for palladium, and A.
  • Platinum, palladium and tin are occasionally deposited for special purposes.
  • According to tradition the temple of Minerva, founded by Diomede, contained the Trojan Palladium, and the town struck numerous bronze coins; but in history it is first heard of as on the Roman side in the Samnite Wars (321 B.C.), and in 315 or 314 B.C. a Latin colony was sent here.
  • Platinum itself he discovered how to work on a practical scale, and he is said to have made a fortune from the secret, which, however, he disclosed in a posthumous paper (1829); and he was the first to detect the metals palladium (1804)(1804) and rhodium (1805) in crude platinum.