Sentence Examples

  • The best of these is the town hall, otherwise known as the basilica, one of the finest works of the Renaissance period, of which Palladio himself said that it might stand comparison with any similar work of antiquity.
  • Andrea Palladio (1518-1580) was a native of Vicenza, as was also a contemporary, Vincenzo Scamozzi (1552-1616), who was largely dependent on him, but is better known for his work on architecture (Architettura universale, 1615).
  • Palladio inaugurated a school of followers who continued to erect similar buildings in Vicenza even down to the French Revolution.
  • To the E., and near it is the Villa Giacomelli, erected by Palladio, containing frescoes by Paolo Veronese, executed in 1566-1568 for Marcantonio Barbaro of Venice, and ranking among his best works.
  • Though many of the streets are narrow and irregular, the town has a number of fine buildings, many of them the work of Andrea Palladio.