Sentence Examples

  • A lofty Chinese pagoda was erected in 1761.
  • The so-called pagoda of the Great Buddha is the chief native building.
  • In ascending the river a stranger's eye is first caught by the numerous huge ice-houses with high thatched roofs and by a tall white tower - the T'ien-feng-t'a or Ning-po pagoda or obelisk - which rises to a height of 160 ft.
  • Electric tramways run to Pazundaung in dne direction and to Alon and Kemmendine in the other, as well as to the foot of the Shwe Dagon Pagoda hill.
  • A perfect set of signs was copied in 1764 from a pagoda at Verdapettah near Cape Comorin, and one equally complete existed at the same period on the ceiling of a temple near Mindurah 9 The hieroglyphs representing the signs of the zodiac in astronomical works are found in manuscripts of about the 10th century, but in carvings not until the 15th or 16th.