Sentence Examples

  • In spring the traveller crosses a sea of grass above which the flowers of the paeony, aconite, Orobus, Carallic, Saussurea and the like wave 4 or 5 ft.
  • Spectabilis, 2 to 3 ft., has paeony-like foliage, and gracefully drooping spikes of heart-shaped pink flowers, about May, but it should have a sheltered place, as it suffers from spring frosts and winds; D.
  • In the natural order Ranunculaceae, some genera, such as Ranunculus, globe-flower and paeony, have both calyx and corolla, while others, such as clematis, anemone and Caltha, have only a coloured calyx.
  • When flowers become double by cultivation, the stamens are converted into petals, as in the paeony, camellia, rose, &c. When there is only one whorl the stamens are usually equal in number to the sepals or petals, and are arranged opposite to the former, and alternate with the latter.
  • - Flower of Tree waxy lining of the hollow receptacle, Paeony (Paeonia Moutan), as in the rose; or a swelling at the deprived of its corolla, and top of the ovary, as in Umbelliferae, showing the disk in the form in which the disk is said to be of a fleshy expansion (d) ep i gynous.