Sentence Examples

  • A sauté pan, on the other hand, has higher edges than a frying pan, so it comes in handy for cooking meats on the stove, and for creating thick dishes such as stews, paella and jambalaya.
  • The hotel's popular pan-seared halibut includes the halibut steak, a paella risotto cake, asparagus spears with pancetta and Parmesan, and a spicy tomato sauce tops this fine meal off.
  • Today, modern art gallery and traditional artisan workshops compete with traditional restaurants, offering a variety of Puerto Rican specialties, such as red beans and rice and Paella.
  • Saffron adds a very distinct flavor, and for some dishes, such as Spain's paella or Iran's chelow kabab, it is essential.
  • The dish Spain is most known for is Paella, a type of stew that is loaded with veggies, rice and meat.