Sentence Examples

  • Rudelbach, Hieronymus Savonarola and seine Zeit, aus den Quellen dargestellt (Hamburg, 1835); Karl Meier, Girolamo Savonarola, aus grossentheils handschriftlichen Quellen dargestellt (Berlin, 1836); Padre Vincenzo Marchese, Storia di S.
  • The graves, or loculi, as they are commonly designated, were, in the Christian cemeteries, with only a few exceptions (Padre Marchi produces some from the cemetery of St Ciriaca, Monium.
  • Padre Martini was a zealous collector of musical literature, and possessed an extensive musical library.
  • In 1854 he produced Rioja, perhaps the most admired and the most admirable of all his works, and from 18J4 to 1856 he took an active part in the political campaign carried on in the journal El Padre Cobos.
  • F., The Admirable Life of St Francis Xavier, Paris, 1632); and Historia da Vida do Padre Francisco de Xavier, &c., by Joao Lucena (Lisbon, 1600).