Sentence Examples

  • 4 So Aquila, the disciple of `Agiba, translates the accusative particle by ow; see W.
  • "Ow," Toby muttered.  Ully's fingers dug into his shoulder.  The Immortal didn't look as if he had that amount of strength in him.
  • DEMONOLOGY (DaL j ow, demon, genius, spirit), the branch of the science of religions which relates to superhuman beings which are not gods.
  • We have seen that transvection is equivalent to the performance of partial differential operations upon the two forms, but, practically, we may regard the process as merely substituting (ab) k, (OW for azbx, 4x t ' respectively in the symbolic product subjected to transvection.
  • The impulse required to set up the motion in liquid of density p i the resultant of an impulsive pressure p4) over the surface S of th ellipsoid, and is therefore ffp4ldS = p4GoffxldS =p 40 (volume of the ellipsoid) =4)oW', (23) where W' denotes the weight of liquid displaced.