Sentence Examples

  • Germary and ovary paired; oviduct absent; young viviparous.
  • The yolk prepared by the latter is conducted by one or more specialized ducts to the oviduct and the point of union is distinguished by the opening of a " shell-gland " which secretes a membrane around the conjoined mass of ovum and yolk.
  • From this junction there proceeds an oviduct or " uterus " (paired or single) which before opening to the exterior expands to form a muscular protrusible pouch - the bursa copulatrix.
  • Stevens the socalled oviduct acts only as a "sperm-duct" or receptaculum seminis.
  • B, buccal mass; m, retractor muscles of the buccal mass; ov, ovary; od, oviduct; i, coils of intestines; ao, aorta; c', left auricle; c, ventricle.