Sentence Examples

  • The queen wished to bury him at the feet of the Swedish kings, and to raise a costly mausoleum in his honour; but these plans were overruled, and a plain monument in the Catholic cemetery was all that marked the place of his rest.
  • President Hayes returned this bill with his veto, but the veto was overruled in both Houses of Congress.
  • On being overruled he retired from the negotiations.
  • Himself gradually came to realize the ignominious position of a king who is managed and overruled by a strongwilled and arbitrary minister.
  • It is therefore as unalterable, even by God himself, as the truths of mathematics, although its effect may be overruled in any particular case by an express command of God; hence it is cognizable a priori, from the abstract consideration of human nature, though its existence may be known a posteriori also from its universal acceptance in human societies.