Sentence Examples

  • You don't want to overpay, and you also don't want to pass on a great below-market-value price.If you will be traveling to the Houston, Texas area, PPL Motor Homes bills itself as the "largest RV consignment dealer in the USA."
  • Getting your vintage ring appraised can help make sure you don't overpay for the piece and that you buy a quality ring that will look beautiful on your finger for years to come.
  • Amazon is another popular way to get this game, but you might stay away from eBay because you might overpay when you can find it inexpensively at normal shopping outlets.
  • It is okay to purchase a vintage ring that needs repair or resetting as long as you don't overpay and you realize the jewelry's condition prior to purchase.
  • If, however, you did not overpay, you must calculate how much you owe in taxes.