Sentence Examples

  • The weather and temperature: heavy costumes can overheat a child when worn for extensive periods of time.
  • The fire signs of Sagittarius, Aries and Leo tend to overheat Virgo's circuits, while the air signs of Libra, Gemini and Aquarius simply baffle Virgo with their need to understand and dissect emotions.
  • This is when the friction between the pistons and the cylinders of your engine overheat so much that the engine completely breaks down and will require a complete rebuild to get it running again.
  • Additionally, it can be very easy to overheat or grow too cool when spending the whole day in the water and because of this, the body must work doubly hard to maintain a healthful temperature.
  • Other safety features to look for include a tip over switch, which turns the appliance off automatically if it falls over, an automatic overheat shut off option and a flame-resistant case.