Sentence Examples

  • Moreover, in the autumn of 1797 his reputation for political morality (never very bright) was overclouded by questionable dealings with the envoys of the United States sent to arrange a peaceful settlement of certain disputes with France.
  • Events, however, now occurred which overclouded his prospects.
  • Their devotion to the national and democratic cause in Italy in 1830-1831 gave him much pleasure, which was overclouded by the death of the elder, Napoleon Louis, in the spring campaign of 1831 in the Romagna.
  • Clemenceau confined his political activities to journalism, his career being further overclouded - so far as any immediate possibility of regaining his old ascendancy was concerned - by the long-drawn-out Dreyfus case, in which he took an active and honourable part as a supporter of M.
  • But in the course of the next two years this agreeable prospect was overclouded by a series of calamities.