Sentence Examples

  • Her two older sisters and older brother used to call her "Bugs" because of her overbite, which she considers being the "hugest," and in Jr. High the mole on her left cheek was the source of much teasing from her classmates.
  • Deep bite-A closed bite; a deep or excessive overbite in which the lower incisors bite too closely to or into the gum tissue or palate behind the upper teeth.
  • Headgear doesn't usually have to be worn the entire time a teen is wearing braces, but it will depend on the overbite and growth rate.
  • Some teens have an overbite, where the upper jaw is larger than the lower jaw, or the opposite problem, which is called an underbite.
  • However, if continued past about age three, either one can contribute to protruding front teeth and an overbite.