Sentence Examples

  • For further information about University of Oklahoma distance learning, and to find out more about enrolling in classes that can get you closer to your next degree or certificate, you can contact the University of Oklahoma OUTREACH program.
  • Diane Barrino-Barber - In addition to being a former musician herself, Fantasia's mother is an ordained minister and is co-pastor of North Carolina's Mercy Outreach Church of Deliverance, where she shares the duties with her mother.
  • This round features the Sex Workers Outreach Project USA, a group dedicated to the promotion of a safe working environment for sex workers, raising protest for the violent depictions of the rape and murder of prostitutes in GTA.
  • She teaches classes at the Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, California and is the founder of the ARRIVE movement, a yoga outreach program for troubled teens based on the theory of somatic healing.
  • It serves as the main campus of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, which offers accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees in architecture and provides K-12 outreach education programs.