Sentence Examples

  • After spending some time studying at the Sorbonne in Paris, she returned to sunny California to seriously dedicate herself to her favorite pastime; designing outrageously expensive arm candy for women all over the world.
  • The songs range from slow (85 beats per minute) to the outrageously fast (200-300 BPM), but don't worry -- the majority of the songs hit the 120-150 BPM spectrum.
  • These often outrageously styled glasses go hand in hand with everything else that Cavalli does; pushing the envelope of what is hip by adding risqué touches and lavish embellishments is what Cavalli has always done best.
  • When you see someone walking down the street wearing pink flamingo sunglasses, they are making a fashion statement that screams, "These may be outrageously tacky - but I still look absolutely fabulous!"
  • This generally means that some shows are more closely directed, and the participants may actually be encouraged to behave in a certain way or act more outrageously to create more interesting viewing.