Sentence Examples

  • Both outflowing and inflowing currents are subject to the deflection towards the right imposed by the earth's rotation.
  • The lakes were small at first, and each had its own outlet at the lowest depression in -the height of land to the south; but as the ice melted back, neighboring lakes became confluent at the level of the lowest outlet of the group; the outflowing streams grew in the same proportion and eroded a broad channel across the height of land and far down stream, while the lake waters built sand reefs or carved shore cliffs along their margin, and laid down sheets of clay on their floors.
  • 9, Is Heated By A Steady Electric Current During Its Passage Through The Tube, And The Difference Of Temperature Do Between The Inflowing And The Outflowing Liquid Is Measured By A Single Reading With A Delicate Pair Of Differential Platinum Thermometers At A And B.
  • It is necessary in the first place to distinguish clearly between outflowing and inflowing waters; in practice this is easily done, as the outflowing water always contains less than 30 parts pro male of salt, and the inflowing water more than 32 pro male.
  • The Baltic receives much more water by rainfall, discharge of rivers, &c., than it loses by evaporation; hence a surplus must be got rid of by an outflowing current which may be named the "Baltic Stream."