Sentence Examples

  • On their right Scirocco outflanked the Venetians of Barbarigo, but the better build of the galleys of Saint Mark and the admirable discipline of their crews gave them the victory.
  • In fear lest he should be outflanked by Uluch Ali, he stood out to sea, leaving a gap between himself and the centre.
  • Their places were taken by a fresh body, but this was soon outnumbered and outflanked in its turn.
  • The force was, however, compelled to retreat owing to the unexpected appearance of the main Zulu army, which nearly outflanked the British.
  • Of the first line, and Murat, with an overwhelming cavalry force from Cotta and Burgstadl, outflanked his left, broke up whole battalions, and finally, with the assistance of the renewed frontal attack of Victor's infantry, annihilated the division.